Spring Interior Design Trends 2018

We know you love designs and redecorating, so here’s what’s you need to put on your list for trendy spring and summer designs this year.


Put fringes, tufting, tassels, macrame plant hangers and feathers on your cushions, throws, rugs and home accessories. These handmade decorations will make each room special and interesting. Embellishing is a fun design trend that is sure to keep your home unique and also add quality to it.


Ice Cream Colors

We all love eating ice cream, now you can add it to your home! Put some flavor into your home decor with gelato colors. Look for beautiful key pieces that will turn your house into beautiful blend of ice cream colors. You can use them on the walls, vases, dining chairs and tables. This is a huge trend right now so enjoy brightening up your home with lots of pastels.



Geometrics has been trending for a while now, but now it’s all about tiles, wallpaper, and artwork. This design is bold and will give your home an eye-catching look. Last year it was on cushions and rugs, but now this cool look can be in the walls of a shower or kitchen backsplash. Take advantages of the walls in your home and use this watertight decorative membrane instead of tiles.



Plants have many health benefits. This year, feel free to add even more. You can get them at your local gardening store and add them to each room. Try hanging plants for shelves and mantelpieces and they are also perfect for bare corners and coffee/side tables. It also works to mix green furniture and rugs to make for an interesting room.


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