Retirement for Today’s College Grads

Today’s college graduates are projected to retire 13 years later than today’s retirees. Certified Financial Planner Carina Diamond of SS&G Wealth Management suggests a three-pronged approach to younger clients: Cut debt, invest more and make sure you have an emergency fund. Why is this happening? Yes college grads get that expensive piece of paper that…

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Boomers, Buy it Now!

Don’t wait until the last minute, this is what you need to know about buying a home for retirement. The baby boomers are at the point of retirement, some choose to travel and live a life of leisure, others are excited to relocated and downsize or find a house that is perfect for their new chapter of…

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When can you Retire?

How much savings will allow you to retire in comfort? Retirement desires differ per individual. Do you want to golf every day? Travel the world? Shack up on Lake Tahoe? “People who have a retirement savings goal – even if that goal is a product of back-of-the-envelope-calculations – are vastly more likely to retire comfortably than…

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Secrets to a Happy Retirement

Retiring can be exciting and nerve-wracking… keep it happy! You have waited for retirement for so many years, but sometimes it is not the easiest transition for everyone. There are so many variables and moving parts, even if it’s just adjusting to life with more free time, that making sure you remain happy can seem…

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Make Your Retirement Funds Last

After retirement it is important to make your retirement funds last. There is a new type of annuity called a Quality Longevity Annuity Contract, or QLAC (pronounced “cue-lack”). This type of annuity allows you to put away money now and save the payments for retirement. If you invest your money in a longevity annuity that…

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Retirement for the Sandwich Generation

Supporting parents as well as children can be a monetary strain, but it doesn’t mean you can’t retire on time. The “sandwich generation” are adults that are supporting adult (possibly college-age) children as well as aging (possibly sick) parents, and make up about 15 percent of middle-aged adults. This generation is in for some tough…

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