Home Design Trend: The Butler’s Pantry

The Butler’s Pantry An in home butler’s pantry appears to be the new trend in home design. What is a butler’s pantry you might be asking? It’s described to be “a utility room [that] allows the host to both prepare and clean up food in an area that’s out of sight to guests,” (Finder). This…

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2019 Housing Market

What will the New Year mean for Reno’s market? With a real estate boom in 2018, particularly here in Reno, 2019 could bring a bit of a turn. Various year-beginning circumstances, such as the government shutdown, could have an impact on this year’s market. However, experts aren’t anticipating any drastic turns for the worse. Doug…

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New Company Helps People Move Out of the Bay Area

A new company is helping residents of the San Francisco Bay Area flee due to the rising cost of living. Earlier this year, Scott Fuller founded Leaving The Bay Area – a company that helps homeowners move out of the Bay Area and find a new home elsewhere. The company consists of real estate professionals that…

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