10 Mistakes Made when Selling a Home

Take the stress out of selling, don’t make easily avoidable mistakes!

Selling your home can be stressful and you may wonder whether you’re going to get all the money you desire and deserve. It can be so easy to lose money you could have held onto if you do not prepare for selling your home the proper way. Mistakes are easy to make, but some are easy to avoid as well.

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1. Not hiring a professional

Whether you think you can sell your own house or not, this is not a good idea. You need the expertise and council that only a real estate professional can provide. It does not bode well for those that try to self-sell their home, and those that try quickly find this out. Save yourself the time and frustration and just hire someone. (It’ll make the rest of this list easier to avoid as well!)

2. Neglecting necessary repairs

Damages and issues with the house will be discovered when you try to sell the house. Smart buyers will hire inspectors to look at every aspect of the home so they don’t get stuck with something they don’t want to fix, or can’t! This means that if you do not fix necessary repairs before trying to sell your home, you will lose money. It’s that simple!

3. Not removing clutter and junk

Home buyers find it hard to picture their life in your clutter. Junk all over the place kills deals and reduces the value of your home in the buyer’s eyes. When you hire a professional, they will advise you on the best way to stage your home and this will include ridding the house of clutter and non-essentials.

4. Removing all furniture

Clutter might be bad, but so is trying to sell an empty house! Again, it becomes hard for the buyer to imagine themselves in a home sans furniture. Most lack the imagination of putting a couch ‘here’ and a table ‘there’.

5. Incorrectly pricing your home

Whether it’s too high or too low, making a mistake in pricing your home can be a costly mistake. Work with the agent you hired to come up with a price consistent with market value. This will prevent your house from sitting on the market for too long, or having it sell immediately and leaving you with nagging regret over selling it for too little.

6. Not putting your house in the best light

Make buyers fall in love with your home! Avoid too much music and scents that are strong, as they could create a negative reaction in the buyer’s brain that has nothing to do with the house. Buyers will be there to picture themselves living in the home.

7. Negotiating with an ego

Check your ego at the door. When selling a home it is easy to get emotional and worked up, but this can often lead to a negative outcome rather than the win-win that is definitely attainable.

8. Not disclosing everything

Lose-lose situation. Be up-front and honest and complete a full set of disclosures before closing because the buyer will find out everything, and if they find undisclosed issues they may assume there are others you’re not mentioning and back out completely.

9. Selling at the wrong time

Just as there is a good time to buy a home, there are good times to sell a home. Don’t be left out in the cold when it comes tax season because you didn’t pay attention to your time frame. When it comes to selling your home, even one day could cost you thousands of dollars.

10. Overlooking closing costs

There are so many expenses that can come up at closing time, even aside from the disclosed repairs. It is important to confirm a list of these with the buyer long before the close date.

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