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2016 is Your Year to Buy a Home

Rising rents and stabilizing home prices are setting up 2016 to be the perfect year to buy a home. Rents are predicted to keep rising and home loans are continuing to be historically low, making this the year to buy a home. Whether it’s your first home, second home or vacation home don’t wait, the market…

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Boomers, Buy it Now!

Don’t wait until the last minute, this is what you need to know about buying a home for retirement. The baby boomers are at the point of retirement, some choose to travel and live a life of leisure, others are excited to relocated and downsize or find a house that is perfect for their new chapter of…

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10 Mistakes Made when Selling a Home

Take the stress out of selling, don’t make easily avoidable mistakes! Selling your home can be stressful and you may wonder whether you’re going to get all the money you desire and deserve. It can be so easy to lose money you could have held onto if you do not prepare for selling your home…

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