New Design for Reno Flag Underway

Written By: Farah Vitale

The City of Reno is creating a new design for an official municipal flag. The Reno Arts and Culture Commission is changing the design in celebration of Reno’s 150th birthday.

The new flag will show how much Reno has changed since the current flag – designed in 1959.

They are looking for a new look that represents Reno’s current state and want everyone in town to be a part of the creative process in finding a design that suits our Biggest Little City. The Reno Flag Project is hosting free community workshops on flag culture and design. They give everyone a chance to experiment with design and sewn fabric. They even provide the tools, fabric and machines.

What makes a good design?

  1. Simplistic and can be drawn from memory
  2. Meaningful symbolism
  3. 2-3 basic colors
  4. No lettering or seals
  5. Distinctive

The second workshop was held at the Holland Project on February 10th and you can RSVP online at the Holland Project website for future workshops. For information on guidelines and design criteria by the Arts and Culture Commission and to submit your design, visit You must submit entries by midnight on Friday, March 2, 2018. Like our current flag, the Reno City Council might not officially adopt one from the entries, but they expect to adopt a new design by April 2018. If you have any questions about the submissions, contact Megan Berner at 775-326-6333 or

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