WCSD plans for Wild Creek Golf Course

Written By: Celeste Harper

Washoe County School District (WCSD) is taking on an ambitious timeline of just five years to complete a new high school at Wild Creek golf course. The new high school would replace the dated Hug High School by 2021.

Courtesy of: http://d2tbfnbweol72x.cloudfront.net/wp-content/blogs.dir/4671/files/2015/03/Wildcreek-Golf-Course-Championship-Course-Map-2015.jpg?gncdn=L90Za73g

Courtesy of: http://d2tbfnbweol72x.cloudfront.net

Location, Location, Location.

The Wild Creek High School will be the first to be built with the WC-1 funds. WCSD has proposed fifteen school projects in the next ten years.  Though the timeline proves to be a challenge for the district, it is deemed necessary.

“This is a really ambitious schedule; we can’t wait, we’ve got to keep going on this,” Etchart said. “So we’re working on the design of the high school, but whether we build this high school (at Wildcreek) or we’re building it at Butler Ranch or at Cold Springs — those are the other schools we have planned — we’ve got to start the process of designing now.”

With a number of concerns from local residents, soil stability issues, and costs, the school district is firm with it’s decision. The proposed school will be able to hold 2,500 students and will replace the dated Hug High. Plans to remodel Hug High and create a career and technology academy are underway.

“This site has got a lot of challenges … we knew that going in,” Etchart said. “But when you’re trying to find 60 or 70 acres in an urban area to build a high school it’s really, really, really difficult.”


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