Perfect your At-Home Ski Lodge

Après-ski, get cozy at home.

For the outdoorsy people that enjoy the snow and fresh air, coming home from your various activities can be taxing on your home if you do not have a well equipped space to handle your various needs. Find out how to design your perfect at-home ski lodge, perfect for coming in after a blistery day in the great outdoors.

1. Fireplace

Coziness step number one. A fab fireplace will set the tone for your whole room, so it’s important to find the right one. A hearth that is made to be sat on is a safe bet in case you need to get extra warm after coming in off of the blistery slopes. Gorgeous natural stone is another great way to make your at-home ski lodge feel like the real deal. (Lucky for you, there’s plenty of amazing natural stone in our Parc Forêt homes already!)

2. Boot drying rack

An absolute necessity! Whether it’s your snow boots or ski boots, you need a place that is out of the way for your boots to properly dry so you are not slipping into a soggy pair later on.

3. Lighting

A fabulous chandelier is another key ingredient when designing your room. Whether you want to opt for a rustic, literal ski-lodge feel or if you want a chic and sophisticated piece, an eye catching chandelier is a must-have.

4. Large Wooden Beams

Another Parc Forêt staple are large wooden ceiling beams. These heavy beams will be such a subtle and stunning accent to the design of your room, while adding to the look and feel of a luxurious post-ski room. Opt for a heavy and textured wood, but let the color standout from your ceiling so the beams are highlighted.

5. Seating

There are many different options when it comes to seating in your après-ski room. Whether you want to do chic benches, ottomans (as shown in the picture) or fabulous anorak chairs, make sure it is comfortable, functional and interesting.

6. Weather-proof flooring

Not the easiest piece to install, but one that will be the most worth your time and money. There are so many different kinds of weather- and water-proof flooring now, and you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your in-home ski lodge. From wood to stone, having floor that will not be damaged by your snowy boots and clothing will pay off.

7. Storage

Unless you want to be staring at all of your ski and outdoor gear all of the time, you’re going to need storage. Pictured here is fabulous locker-style storage which will adhere to the ski lodge aesthetic of your space nicely, however there are plenty of other stunningly functional ways to store your gear if the lockers aren’t your style.

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