This Summer you better be Hiking this Trail

Hiking to this waterfall is something you don’t want to miss this summer.

In the Mount Rose Wilderness, Hunter Creek Trail is begging to be hiked. This gorgeous hike to a spectacular waterfall is gaining popularity each passing year (and for good reason). This trail is open to the public all year, and this summer is the perfect chance to try it out if you have not yet already.

hunter creek trail

The waterfall at Hunter Creek is one of the main reasons that this hike is growing in popularity.

Hunter Creek Trail

Distance: 6 miles (round trip)

Starting Elevation: 5,575 feet

Peak Elevation: 6,464 feet

Round-Trip Time (with rest): 2.5 – 3 hours (allow more time for enjoying the waterfalls)

Terrain Obstacles: 2 creek crossings, 2 rock slides to traverse

Average Grade: 6.2 percent

Bring: Comfortable hiking shoes, food and water, and a warm layer if hiking in the evening

hunter creek elevation

This 6 mile round trip hike will take around 3 hours, given appropriate resting time. Be sure to pack accordingly for the time of day you are hiking, as temperatures drop in the evening.

The Reno-Tahoe wilderness is so beautiful and diverse, and this hike is no exception. Hikers should park at the Michael D. Thompson Trailhead and parking area on Woodchuck Circle. Starting on a gravel road, hikers will proceed down to Hunter Creek and will be able cross the river by hopping on stones or by walking across two wooden planks. Trekking through the water is always an option as well for those in waterproof footwear. Then the ascension begins up to the edge of the Mount Rose Wilderness area and up the canyon, giving hikers a beautiful view of downtown Reno on one side and the gorgeous canyon and mountain peaks on the other. This is followed by a couple of steeply graded spots, and two places where hikers will nee to scale rock slides. Back into the trees and one more creek crossing for the final ascension, and the waterfalls are before you. Give your self enough time to relax and soak in the beauty that is around you, before descending and completing your hike.

For those of you wanting to participate in a group hike, the Reno Gazette Journal wants to take a small group of hikers that want to enjoy the scenery and the fresh air. Space is limited, though, and currently there is a wait-list in place. Click here for the Facebook Event page that has up-to-date information and contact information for those in charge.

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