Fall Interior Design Trends 2018

With cooler Fall and Winter months ahead of us in the Reno Tahoe region, there’s no better time than now to warm up your home for a welcoming escape. Sprucing up your home’s decor for the seasons can be a lot easier than you would think – take some inspiration from current design trends.



Gold Accents

While gold is a popular Spring and Summer decor trend, transitioning it into Fall is even better. Gold can be a statement piece in any room, as well as incorporated throughout the upcoming holiday season.





Jet Black

Black home furniture and decor is a timeless trend. Whether it’s the use of all out black furnishings or just decor pieces, darkening up your space can enhance a modern elegance feel. Whether it be the addition of a dark armoire or black pillows and throws, combining a dark foundation with any color accessories are sure to make your room pop.






Tactical Kitchens

Popular trends are moving away from the standard of one fluid style throughout the kitchen. Mixing up and adding contrasting textures and colors are creating more dynamic kitchens. This trend also allows for seamless seasonal transitions as adding new dimensional pieces will enhance the multi-style look.






Navy Hues

Navy is set to be a popular color in the upcoming seasons as it’s easy to transition, and moody enough for Winter months. Whether navy is the focal color of you room, or incorporated with other popular black and gold trends, it’s sure to add a comforting base to your space. Simple accessories paired with the use of navy will also help focus on the warmth of the shade.





For more Fall and Winter home decor inspiration, check out House Beautiful’s website and their track of the latest trends.


Written by: Brooke Deneen

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