Design a Calming Playroom

Design the perfect room for you kids to play and relax.

A kid’s playroom should be more dimensional than just a room full of toys. Design your kids a room that is just as relaxing as it is inspiring, as well as bringing in different aspects and interests they may have. Take the opportunity to make the room fun and freeing for play as well as freeing of the mind.

1. Wallpaper: Choose a wallpaper that compliments the color scheme of the room without becoming too “matchy matchy”.

2. Table: A large lightweight and spacious table is key. You need something that is as practical as it is sturdy, and an inexpensive option is always going to be a better idea, that way when permanent market inevitably finds its way onto your table, it’s okay.

3. Chairs and Pillows: Use these accessories to mix prints and colors within the room, as well as take into account each of your kids’ tastes.

4. Storage: The more the merrier! The more storage you have, the easier it will be to keep this room clean and tidy which will sufficiently aid in the relaxing aspect.

5. Curtains: These are another opportunity to mix prints, colors and patterns to match your child’s interests. You need to make curtain choices that will give the space a nice airy feel, and the opportunity for an abundance of natural light is a key point.

6. Rug: For the rug, choose a carpeting or fabric that will be comfortable for kids to play on while being durable (and hopefully spill-resistant).

Photo by Manolo Langis, WSJ

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